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What We Do

We provide affordable access to a team of seasoned HR experts, legal advisors, and compliance specialists who can ensure you are protecting your business–and your people. We offer the expertise to carry out your employee relations, legal compliance, recruitment, benefit administration, strategic planning, continuous improvement, leadership development, and other related duties.

Our Approach

Our professional consultants are educationally accredited with more than 15 years of related work experience in corporate, manufacturing, distribution, retail, and office environments. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive HR outsourcing firm, or maintenance services such as payroll processing, we are a trusted partner who can review and streamline your HR processes so you can take your business to the next level.

Custom Services

Our services are customizable as project-specific or a termed continuous business partnership to accommodate your company’s goals and unique needs.

  • Wide Range of Services
    OSHA, Safety, Workers Compensation Compliance, Workplace Investigation, Benefit Enrollment and Administration, and more
  • In-House Training
    Everything you and your employees need, from Professional Development, to Corrective Action Protocol, and Diversity Inclusion
  • Maintenance Processing
    We are a full-service provider, but we do offer maintenance services, such as payroll processing or benefits enrollment, when that is all you need

A Defined Process


  • We start with an assessment to identify HR gaps and opportunities.


  • We build an action plan to address gaps and get your internal practices up-to-date.


  • Then we maintain the plan for the ongoing care and protection of your company and your people.

Your business needs are unique. Let’s talk about a plan that’s right for you.

Superior Results

More Time

Our team members are ready to hit the ground running, so you have no down time in production.

Less Cost

Outsourcing your HR saves money, reduces labor compliance threats and provides a team of experts at your fingertips all within your budget.

Strong Team

We utilize proven best practices to increase employee retention, engagement, and participation!

Benefits of Working with Us

Access Elite HR Services

Most small companies don’t have the resources to set up and run an effective in-house HR department. Outsourcing can be a smart way to lower costs, gain HR and payroll efficiency, offer more services and benefits to employees, increase employee engagement and productivity, and minimize risk.

Minimize Risk, Ensure Compliance

HR rules change frequently. Our specialists can keep your HR processes up-to-date and in compliance with employment regulations. We can handle any and every facet of employee management, giving you peace of mind–and more time to focus on core business operations.

Gain A Trusted Partner

When it comes to HR, you can rely on us to protect your company and your employees. We have the expertise to quickly identify HR gaps. We build an action plan to get your internal practices up-to-date, and a maintenance plan for the ongoing care and protection of your business and the people who make it strong.

Ready to take your business to the next level?